Be There In a Minute With Bill Newcott

Museum of Natural History

See It All In One Visit

Awful L.A.

There Must Be Some Good Things About Downtown Los Angeles, But We Sure Didn't Find Them!

Central Park Zoo

Max's Adventure

Salt Lake City's Sweet Spots

You've got four hours between flights at Salt Lake City Airport. You see the signs for Temple Square tours promising to get you back for your next plane. Do you take the chance. If you're Bill Newcott, the answer is, "Of course!"

Asheville, NC Drummer's Circle

Every Friday evening, the local drummers descend on the town square. There, they let loose — and so does everybody else!

World's Fair Forever; Flushing Meadows Corona Park

The home of the 1939 and 1964-65 World's Fairs is still a world-class destination.

Christmas at the U.S. Botanic Garden, Washington, DC


Trinity Church, NYC: Sanity Break

Amidst the bustle of Wall Street and the World Trade Center, don't miss this island of serenity in the big city.

Christmas at Macy*s

Christmas at MACY*s: The chain's landmark Herald Square store has been welcoming Holiday shoppers since 1901. Ride up the 1920s wooden escalator to the 9th Floor Christmas Wonderland.

Franklin Institute: Philly's Big Heart

Some 50 years after we last visited it as Cub Scouts, my brother Martin and I returned to Philadelphia's Franklin Institute. It's changed almost as much as we have!