Be There In a Minute With Bill Newcott

The Air Force One Experience

Climb aboard a replica Presidential 747!

The Golden Gate Bridge

From 'Frisco to Marin on the world's most beautiful bridge 


Seattle's One-Track Wonder

The Verrazano-Narrows Bridge

A quick zip from Staten Island to Brooklyn — Don't Try This At Home!

Chesapeake Bay Bridge

Lots of people find the Chesapeake Bay Bridge too scary to drive across. Solution: Do it this way

Buses, Boat and Taxi

The Long Way from New York City to Lewes, DE

Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel

Turbo Trip: 17 Miles in 54 Seconds

Toronto Island Airport

If you're flying into Toronto, you'd be nuts if you didn't use the airport that's just a short walk from the middle of town

Pittsburgh's Grandest Entrance

The Fort Pitt Tunnel opens on downtown Pittsburgh like a great theater curtain

Flying Into Key West

There Goes Duvall Street!

Free At Sea: The Staten Island Ferry

The world's best-value ocean cruise, from the Hurricane Deck. 

Golden Hour on the New York Water Taxi

The world's most beautiful skyline catches the twilight. 

Toronto Subway: The Belly of the Snake

With its wide-open passages between cars, when viewed from front to back Toronto's subway resembles something from an Escher drawing. It's especially dizzying if you speed the video up just a little...