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Shark Fin Fun


When the ocean gives you sharks...use them as bait! That's clearly the attitude of Princess Cruises, which is launching its  "Summer of Shark" program on eight summer Caribbean sailings, now through July 27. It's all in collaboration with Discovery Channel's Shark Week (July 28-August 4). Besides shark-themed activities for kids, grownups will enjoy sharky cocktails, including Shark 

Attack Margarita and Super Strawberry Shark Chum. 

Small World Travelers


The intimacy of a river cruise meets the luxury of an ocean liner with Vantage Cruise Lines' new small seagoing ships, Ocean Explorer and Sea Odyssey. Vantage has long been one of the best values in European river cruising; the new ships, launching in 2021 and 2022, will travel around the globe — with just 170 guests in 77 cabins. And in keeping with Vantage's appeal for single travelers, 15 cabins will be solo accommodations. 

Your Face On Their Head!


You really ARE the beer you drink! At the Guinness Storehouse attraction in Dublin, Ireland, you can have a selfie "printed" on the head of Guinness' iconic black and white stout. They call it the STOUTie, and the process involves arranging millions of natural malt molecules on the top of a pint. Guinness' new brew ha-ha is just the latest of countless reasons to visit Dublin's fair city. 

The Knife is In The Mail


How many pocket knives, nail scissors and other implements of destruction have you surrendered to TSA over the years? At Charlotte/Douglas International Airport (CLT) I spotted this ingenious service just past Security: For a fee they'll mail your confiscated precious pointy things for you!

To Do: Run, Run


If you're tired of running laps at the local high school track, this tour company is a runner's dream. Sports Tours International will organize your flight transfers, accommodations, and entry fees for running events around the world. So whether it's China's Great Wall Marathon (above) Myanmar's Bagan Temple Marathon, or South Africa's  Two Oceans Marathon (Atlantic to the Indian), all you need to supply is the running shoes.  

Small Ships For Small People


Most families look to big cruise ship vacations to keep children occupied — but small ships offer unique advantages for kids: They offer more personalized adventures, encourage unplugged activities, and foster new friendships. See more at


Article: Into the sunsets

Story and Photos by Bill Newcott

Entangled in the cables of the Indian River Bridge, the setting sun slips toward the horizon beyond Rehoboth Bay. It’s nearly 50 degrees out, but the wind whipping from the Atlantic makes the air feel a lot colder than that. The tidal gush pouring through the inlet from the sea, drawn by the gravity of that sinking orange ball, seems intent on extinguishing its remaining warmth.

No other humans are in sight, so I share this deepening spectacle with a lineup of seagulls. They stand at attention on the jetty rocks, facing down the sun with an intensity they usually reserve for tourists cradling bags of Thrasher’s fries. 

Along the horizon, a dark line of low clouds shifts to deep purple as the sun dips behind it. Almost imperceptibly, the sky above me morphs to royal blue. Between those cool blankets of color a ribbon of fire flashes from north to south, flaring bright yellow, then dimming to soft red.

For my feathered companions, the show is over. They flap away to wherever seagulls spend the night. But I sense something coming; a curtain call reserved for the patient observer.

And here it is: Above me, a lacy curtain of high clouds explodes in a blush of rosy red that grows to encompass much of the sky. Then, like a supernova expending itself, the crimson stain retreats, and the sky goes dark.

It is night.

If you happen to have a lot of friends in Southern Delaware, you well know that Delawareans tend to obsess about their sunsets. I’m pretty sure Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg has got the actual data lurking someplace, but it’s my casual observation that social media sees more per-capita sunset postings from Southern Delaware than just about anywhere else. 

I’m guilty of this myself. It’s not like we need to pull out easels and oil paints to capture sunsets, Joseph Turner-like — our pallets are in our pockets, and besides that the iPhone has a sneaky way of making a sunset’s reds that much redder and its clouds that much swirlier. A touch of the screen and that glorious image is delivered into the hands of all our friends (as well as our “friends”), along with a breathless account to the effect that “Delaware has the BEST SUNSETS ANYWHERE!!!”

Our more far-flung acquaintances, bless their little hearts, respond with pale, washed-out sunset images of their own. We acknowledge them with generous “likes” and “loves,” but privately we shake our heads, pitying those whose sunsets fade in a dull Fuji Film snapshot while we bask in the widescreen glory of nightly Super Panavision Technicolor. 

It’s a safe bet that  (READ MORE)

Delaware Beach Life

This is Bill's first article in a continuing relationship with Delaware Beach Life magazine. 

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